King David Plectrum Pendant

King David Plectrum Pendant

SilverWhite Gold pendant, styled as plectrum, with talismans’ scripts.

Following the unique concept for jewelry, where beauty and energy omens interacts with delicate styling; this unique pendent aims to grant his wearer guidance, protection and happiness.

The pendent had been conceived with the inspiration of the Bible verses that describes King David’s spiritual and religious approach. In these verses David advises and recommends playing music and singing as complementary methods for reaching a higher state of mind while praying.

The pendent is built as two platforms, each bearing an engraved script.

The first engraved with Shema Israel Hear, Oh, Israel and the second is decorated with David Shields sign. The unique structure enables to see through the plectrum, thus to interact together, where each script enforces the other.

*Comes with a jewelry box and Certificate of Warranty (1 year).