Arizona Two Become One Necklace

Arizona  Two Become One Necklace

Arizona Two Become One Necklace

Symbol:Grand Canyon
Coin: Arizona Coin
Setting: Mixed Metal
Weight: 11.57 grams

Each piece of ahuva jewelry is handmade and one-of a kind; slight variations are part of each creation’s inherent uniqueness.

This “Arizona necklace is from ahuva’s Two Become One Collection. Two coins are hammered into concave shapes and sculpted together to create this curvy, rounded style. The jewelry in this line gives a double dose of positive energy!

Story/Symbolism: Arizona is often associated with the “wild west” and the Grand Canyon. More than just empty dessert, Arizona is actually rich with history, culture, and life. The image on this coin shows the Grand Canyon, a cactus and dessert plants. A cactus can prick you from the outside, but it can also give you nourishment from the inside. The Grand Canyon can either be seen as vast emptiness, or as expansive openness, rich with potential. In this way, this coin reminds us the power that can be found in perspective.

*If you need this piece sooner than two weeks please contact me .ahuva