Ana Bekoach or Traveler’s Prayer Kabbalah Ring

Ana Bekoach or Traveler's Prayer Kabbalah Ring

This Ring is exquisite work of art. The ring combines different metals – Gold & Silver in a powerful combination that holds great energy. The outside of the band engraved with the prayer of choice Ana bekoach which was written by the great Rabbi Nehonia Ben Hakaneh. It is composed of seven lines, with six words in each line. Combining the first letter of each word, reveals one of the names of God – the holy Forty-Two Letter Name. The Ana Bekoach ring is set with a Crysoberyl stone (Cat’s Eye) that strengthens and protects the person who wears it. The 2nd option is to engrave the traveller’s prayer תפילת הדרך to wear protectively wherever you go.