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Jewish Jewelry Store


Gorgeous selection of Jewelry necklaces, pendants , earrings and rings. A beautiful Jewish Jewelry store that is unparalleled on the web. Shop online now. Jewish jewelry is a special selection of Judaism’s ancient symbols embellished in classic and new designs.

Star of David Necklace Pendants and Rings

Perhaps the most popular of all symbols has been the star of David know as the magen david necklace pendant. This oh so popular and lovable symbol carries deep meaning as well. The 6 pointed star is perfectly symmetrical and has been embraced as the center emblem and symbol on Israel’s flag. Today’s star of david Jewelry comes with an array of beautiful weaving, embellished in gemstones and curved and swirled to give the most modern and unique pendant necklaces on the market. Our artists selection of these necklace pendants and rings will impress you and you’ll love to wear them daily and on special occasions.

Kabbalah Jewelry

Kabbalah Jewelry has grown hugely popular and it’s not only Madonna! Shop our fantastic selection of amazing new creations in Kabbalah jewelry made in the holy land of Israel with superb detail and infused with a deep set of values and meanings drawn directly from ancient sources. The 10 sefirot, the tree of life, the set of three letters in particular order to invoke spiritual forces and aura such as wealth and blessings, health, marriage, and fertility.

Jewish Rings

Jewish rings, hebrew rings, and wedding bands are a most popular purchase at our store. We specialize in custom casting that perfect ring for that special wedding day or anniversary moment. Each of our rings are laser engraved with Hebrew verses most often king Solomon’s famous words in the songs of songs “I am to my Beloved as my beloved is unto me”. These words are an eternal monumental commitment of love between husband and wife.

All our pieces are available in 14Kt gold and 18Kt gold as well as platinum upon request.